I'm Kinley Lane,


this is how I survived the deep end...

My Story


Seven years ago, I was launched headfirst into a journey of healing and self-discovery with NO comprehension of where I had just been planted. The truest form of me began to stir. It was NOT easy, but I would do it again, all of it, to gain what I have gained: Myself.

In 2017 I took the Beyond Breath course with Sariah Bastian. I felt a new shift within and decided to take it four more times! Through it, I was finding myself. I came home to my body after living as if it was the enemy my entire life.

In 2018 I did my first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sariah Bastian at Back Pocket Yoga with NO intention of being a teacher and entirely focused on finding further healing in my body, mind, and spirit through the chakra system. Learn more about Your Chakras HERE!

Quickly after, in 2019, I took my 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Brittany Andrews at The Yoga Underground, learning all different types of yoga through the Ashtanga lineage in the only TanhńĀ studio in Utah! That same year, I took the Beyond Breath Course Teacher Training to teach the course that changed my life.

In 2020 I began my Master's Program for Clairvoyance with Debra Katz at The International School for Clairvoyance. I intended to learn energetic boundaries so my sponge-like empathy could be tamed! Since then, I have expanded and learned everything from remote viewing to past-life readings and communications with spirit guides.

In 2021 I took my Second 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sariah Bastian at Back Pocket Yoga. It was so transformative the first time; I went back for seconds! Simultaneously, I got certified as a Yoga Nidra Instructor with Scott Moore to dive further into the psyche and subconscious healing.

I taught in-person courses for three years to groups ranging from teens to seniors. In addition, I have partnered with Addo Recovery and Bloom for Women, teaching Betrayal Trauma intensives to women from all around the United States, offering the idea that their body is on its own healing journey too.

Through healing a variety of my own traumas, including but not limited to PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Infidelity, Divorce, and Loss, I have bridged my gap between Trauma and Recovery by learning to trust my body and practice self-care. I have created my own 8-week online course, The Trauma Toolbox, to teach women to do the same!

I have evolved from "the unbeliever," unable even to Say the word YOGA or ENERGY, to "the believer."

"I am wise not for my knowledge of things, but for my knowledge of Self " - Kinley

Who I Teach

I have experience working with these demographics:

People Ages 14-80+



All Forms of Abuse 


Addiction Recovery

Mental Health

Grief, Loss, & Death

Faith Expansions




Sexual Abuse


Physical Disabilities 

Chronic Illness



What I Love


Service is my #1 passion! Growing up, I always loved working with special needs children, believing they understood life more than most people! They were my best friends all through high school and still are! This love for serving people transformed into becoming a CNA to care for the elderly, work in a special needs school, and practice in home health care, all while becoming a Registered Nurse. That pivoted Big time when I chose to leave nursing school and become a Certified Trauma Yoga Instructor to help women through their trauma, after working through my own. This path is far from what I expected, yet everything I dreamed of doing! 

Loving and serving people.

Now The Fun Stuff! 

My astrological signs 

Leo Sun ~ Scorpio Moon ~ Aquarius Rising

My doshas


 Heartman Color Code


Blue Yellow

Top 5 Strengths Finder

1. Empathy 

2. Developer

3. Positivity

4. Relator

5. Belief

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