The Trauma Toolbox

A Beginners Guide To Learning The Language Of Your Body


Trauma is a fact of life.

It does not however, need to be a life sentence.

- Peter Levine 


If you are on this page, I am sorry. I am sorry for whatever you have experienced or are experiencing that is pushing you to seek support. The fact you are here, open to learning what tools are out there, is a huge step forward. On top of all the stress, you are likely experiencing physical and emotional ailments, because trauma is not only held in the mind; it is also stored in your body. And as you may have realized... 

You have to connect with your body to heal.

SOUNDS NICE. But currently... 

  • You struggle to focus on daily tasks because your mind is clouded with intrusive thoughts and memories stuck in a cycle of triggers.

  • ¬†You¬†walk around with a sense of dread and anxiety, unsure of how to¬†find the energy and motivation to face each¬†day.

  • Your body hurts and is experiencing physical ailments without answers to where they are coming from.

The Trauma Toolbox

An online course that teaches people to connect with their bodies to process their pain


The Trauma Toolbox Has Served More Than 500 Women Who Have Learned To Trust Their Bodies

"This class has put me on the path of healing from my betrayal trauma. Knowing Kinley has experienced many traumas herself helped me to feel understood and inspired. The Trauma Toolbox is empowering and a place that is full of safety and love. If you have felt alone in your trials or traumatic events in your life, this course will help you feel like healing is possible, and you will gain a better love and understanding of yourself! 

Doing the work to heal your trauma is so worth it! My life is continually getting better after starting yoga therapy and learning to trust my body."

"I have never taken a therapy yoga class before. I‚Äôll admit I was unsure what to expect and skeptical I would like to learn about ‚ÄėChakras.‚Äô What I gained from the class was far greater than I imagined. I learned how to breathe, meditate, and ground myself when I feel anxious. I learned how my body speaks truth and how to listen to what my body is telling me. I learned how to let go and to trust myself. I learned I have a voice and to speak with love. I really enjoyed this course¬†and would recommend it to anyone who has experienced trauma, which probably includes everyone!"

"I had the wonderful experience of being in Kinley’s yoga therapy course. Sharing about it feels vulnerable because of the very special and sacred feelings I had. So, I will share a quote that was shared at the last session I attended. It sums things up very well for me.

‚ÄúWhen your body speaks, listen, it is a call to return to your sacred self.‚ÄĚ - Sariah Bastian¬†

I sincerely loved this class and all of the amazing tools that were taught to me. I am so grateful for such a wonderful place of love and healing"

This Course Has Helped People Who Have Experienced... 

  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety¬†
  • PTSD
  • Mental challenges from COVID¬†
  • All Forms of Abuse¬†
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Suicidality
  • LGBTQ+ Shaming
  • Addiction
  • Grief, Loss, & Death
  • Faith Expansions
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Disabilities¬†
  • Chronic Illness
  • Financial Crisis
  • And more...

The Trauma Toolbox Has Been So Successful For People Who Have Never Tried Yoga Therapy

(Or Even Heard Of Chakras!)

The most effective way to calm down your nervous system when activated

What to do when emotions are strong and your mind is racing 

A physical way to call back and shield your energy

The power of somatic healing and how to absorb the teachings in your body 

What ‚Äúlistening to your body‚Ä̬†means and how to communicate with it¬†

How to know when your intuiton is speaing vs your mind 

You are in the right place

The Trauma Toolbox students learn tools to stop looking outside themselves for answers and trust their body's wisdom.


Whats inside 
The Trauma Toolbox 


Week By Week

Learn what a chakra is, how it applies to healing, and dive deep into a guided self-assessment.

You will learn how your body has been talking to you through anxiety, depression, and more. 

You will tap into your emotions and learn how to process them without running from or numbing them. 

You will observe what has been keeping you stuck from taking action and take back your power.

You will listen to how you breathe and what to do to get out of your sympathetic nervous system.

You will learn how to have healthy communication with yourself, your body, and others.

You will know the difference between thought and intuition and how to strengthen your mind.

You will become aware of the root beliefs keeping you stuck and have the tools to let them go. 

Simply Put: The Trauma Toolbox changes lives, and it is officially open for enrollment

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25+ Free Guides!

Downloadable support documents to help you rewrite your subconscious programming are included when you join this sacred container!


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Yoga Therapy Package

The first step to beginning a therapeutic yoga practice on your mat and in your body

Value: $149



Who is Kinley Lane

Kinley Lane is a 1900-hour Certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Clairvoyant Healer, and International Chakra Immersion Leader whose passion is to empower people around the world to remember their essence after a life-altering event and know how to trust themselves and their body's innate wisdom.

After experiencing many of life's trials, including but not limited to betrayal trauma, divorce, sexual abuse, and infertility, Kinley knew she had to transform her pain into her purpose by creating each of her offerings to hold and help people in similar situations trust their bodies and stand in their power. From attending over 15 fully immersive retreats specializing in overcoming trauma to 6+ years of in-depth chakra study, Kinley intentionally creates each offering to show people that trauma is not forever.

With a thriving online community of people learning to listen to their body's wisdom inside her signature course, The Trauma Toolbox, Individual Chakra Events, sell-out International Chakra Immersions, and so much more, what drives her most is her passion to serve and see people's lives improve through learning to trust their body.

Kinley believes when you connect with your body, you have everything you need inside the walls of your own skin.

¬†‚ÄúTrauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.‚ÄĚ

- Peter Levine



Course FAQs 



Independent Study




Eight Weeks of Pre-recorded Content About How to Listen to Your Body and What to Do When It Speaks + 1 Self-Assessment 

Weekly Embodiment Tools to Teach Your Body How to Release Stored Trauma

25+ Detailed Supporting Documents to Guide You into Your Subconscious Programming and Help Rewrite Old Beliefs

Seven Therapeutic Chakra Yoga Flows With Breathwork, Meditation, and On-The-Mat Learning

This option is for the person who feels curious about the healing world but prefers to be more private while they dip their toes in to learn about their chakras at their own pace.

Community Study




Everything in the Independent Study, Plus...

Eight 1.5 Hour Live Group Zoom Calls With Kinley to Further Discuss How the Chakras Are Showing Up in Your Life

Private Facebook Group for the Duration of the Course to  Support Each Other With Accountability as You Practice Implementing What You Are Learning

A Life-Long Sisterhood With a Community of Resilient Souls Who Understand Your Pain and Hold You to Your Highest Self 

This option is for the person ready to "do the work" and knows they are not meant to heal alone while exploring how the chakras show up in their daily life with a community of like-minded souls.

Soul Study



Everything in the Community Study, Plus...

Unlimited Marco Polo Access to Kinley for the Eight Weeks of the Course

A One-on-One Day Intensive with Kinley to Explore Deeper Tools to Connect With the Divine Within

A Private Location With a Whole Foods Meal and Personalized Clairvoyant Guidance from Kinley

This is created for the person who seeks to dive deeper into their soul through ancient spiritual tools and wants to feel held and guided through the process.


[Limited spots available]

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