Therapeutic Chakra Yoga

7 Styles ~ 7 Classes


I Need Yoga In My Life

This is your "I need more yoga in my life and don't know where to start" bundle.


Gain access to seven pre-recorded yoga flows with movement, breathwork, and meditation. Each class is one hour and will teach you how to connect with your body and release stored trauma. 

With lifetime access, you can practice these yoga flows over and over as you choose the most fitting for the experience you're living.

This is for you IF:

1. You have ever thought or said, "I really need to start a yoga practice," but you have never found the time to start!

2. You want to practice yoga but believe you don't have the right body, flexibility, or strength, and you don't dare go to a class alone!

3. You already practice yoga but want to learn how to deepen your practice by connecting with each chakra. 


What your getting:

  • Seven Therapeutic Yoga Flows to teach you how to connect with your body
  • Explaination of seven different yoga styles and their purpose
  • Knowledge of your chakras and which areas of your body they govern
  • Breathwork, Movement, and Meditation for each chakra

With Lifetime Access!


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